Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Hi everyone! Bought myself a cute new blouse yesterday. It's pretty basic - white with black little dots on it . Been looking for something like it for a while now, so had had had to have it. Another reason for me to buy it was that I had my class photos taken today and I needed something fresh to wear.


This morning I decided to wear it with blue Levi's jeans and biker boots (which I switched to black ballet pumps later). During the day I came up with many many more ideas about how to wear it. Think of, umm, wearing it tucked into denim cutoffs and black tights with the letters LOVE all over them? Add a black trilby and some cute boots and that's the game.  Or a more basic outfit with black pencil skirt, black opaque tights and red lipstick? I also came up with a cute date-night outfit: this dotted blouse, faux-leather leggings, black heels and a little clutch. Just to name a few.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday Morning

Woke up early, now enjoying my breakfast here. 
Planning to wear a pretty basic outfit today. It's classy but still cute:

So the clothes that I'm going to wear are my embellished cream Hugo Boss dress, that I've bought as a 2nd hand piece from a model, black H&M blazer and my super-bargain brogues that I bought from Spain. Check this outfit out from my Lookbook page later today !

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Autumn's Coming 'Round

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry for not blogging from Spain! I had some trouble on the way so it didn't really work out. I have a hard time posting blog posts about Spain at this point, so let's just move on to some fresher things, ok? I just started my last year in high school - I'm trying to make it the best so far! :)

Thought some style inspiration couldn't hurt - it's the beginning of something new anyway, right? So take your first steps towards the future looking good and dressed up fabulous!

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