Sunday, 31 January 2010


I remember the times Emma Watson was just the little Hermione from Harry Potter movies. Now she has grown up a lot and she's become the new face of Burberry. Me- I love it! Emma Watson has an amazing style, I think. She looks glamourous and sophisticated. I know lots of people who have an amazing style that I adore but she's recently become one of them. I like their styles as they are not very different from mine; they wear clothes I would like to wear. I've found many lovely pics about Emma and she wore lovely clothes...And to be honest, she must be a very sweet girl! That's the image I have got when I've seen her interviews on TV and internet... And I am pretty sure I'm right :)

Saturday, 30 January 2010


As I own 4 pairs of UGG's I started thinking new ways to wear them. I am not very much of a jeans and plain T-shirt kind of girl, or even less of a jeans and hoodie- girl, so that doesn't really come across as a choice.UGG's are the most comfortable boots ever, and wearing them you'll never need to worry about having Victoria Beckham- feet. But I always have a struggle when thinking how to create a perfect outfit that includes UGG's.I want to wear them and still feel like ME. These thoughts are coming a bit late as it's been a year and a half since I got my first UGG's. Just wanted to get some new inspiration to stop wearing boots that make my toes drop off as they freeze! I did find something I like...

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Street Styles I Love

As I was searching for the pic of the floral leggings, I found many amazing street styles. I haven't done that for a long long time so now I feel really refreshed and got millions of new ideas. Most of the styles are for summer, so I can't really have many of them right now at this time of the year. I would freeze out there... But of course it's not about copying it and doing exactly the same thing. It's about looking for an inspiration and getting ideas for your daily wardrobe. Or that's what I think it is. I am not very much into copying other people, I like to make things up on my own and just have some ideas that I have collected by looking at how other people dress. I have noticed though, that it's hard to keep up your fashionista-feeling in winter because it is way much harder when you have to think about what kind of shoes you can wear out there and what coat do you need to put on. Especially when there's snow out there! Anyway I found some styles that I liked or even loved and that are doing it for me just now. Please enjoy!

What Essie fell for today...

I love the floral leggings! To be honest, I have wanted some for quite a long time now as I once saw a picture of someone wearing them. The ones I saw were a bit more colourful though but still I love them as a bargain. Just googled it and now I have found the pic. So there it is. I was supposed to buy Doc Marten's this Christmas but then I shopped a bit too much and now, I have no money for them. I would have bought the basic black ones, of course. But well yeah, that's a cool way to wear the leggings- black shoes,white tee and leather jacket. So delicious I'm dying for it! I have been desperately lurking in every closet in this apartment; still no legging's left from the past decades. So I think it's now time for me to go down the shops and look for 'em - but at first I am planning to search from online if any of the shops have them with a reasonable price. If not, then I'm off to hunt them from every store! I have made my mind now!

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