Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chanel Nails Spring 2010

Here is another beauty bargain to stick your hands to- the amazing nail varnish in brownish grey. The colour is a bit mushroom-like. You might have spotted it already: it´s big news this spring.
Chanel is the mother of this trend but many other make-up brands have copied the lo
ok. The original shade is Chanel 505 Particuliére but there are many cheaper options for almost the same
It would be a bit frustrating to run around the shops just to find a Chanel nail polish and when you get there, you´ll notice they don´t have any. You are too late!
I have it in Rimmel Lasting
Finish Pro, shade 270 Steel Grey.
There are also other brands that have the similiar shades, for examle OPI in Over The Taupe and You Don´t Know Jacques. Also ASOS Paint by Ciaté has one that´s called Sienna.

Chanel in 505

OPI Over The Taupe

ASOS Paint by Ciaté in Sienna.

OPI You Don´t Know Jacques

I also have a bag that matches perfectly with these wonderful nails. Just bought that from Macy´s as I´m on a holiday in Florida...ah, that´ll look so chic!
Here´s something else to go with the nails. I love these new buns - you can find your own style and wear your bun however you like! Ahh it´s so easy and so now. And it always stays on trend. If you haven´t noticed, the eye make-up in these two images are also cool with the new nail lacquer :)

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

H&M this week...

Haha, I've been shopping this week again.Makes me feel amazing. It's only Wednesday and I have bought three items - loving each one of them!

I bought an amazing golden jacket! I'll post a picture of it later. Then I bought a biiiiig,warm, white jumper! Ah it's cute.
Today, after drooling after these amazing peep-toe pumps with a zebra pattern, I ordered them. I feel happy I did so...Now I don't need to worry if I won't get them! I bought them in turquoise from Spain last summer...They didn't even have the zebra ones there though. Now I have them in both colours! Gawd. This little fashionista is super duper excited to pick that package up! I don't know how I do it but everytime I buy a new piece of clothing, millions of outfits flash before my eyes. I can see millions of different combinations with that certain piece and my other clothes. I think that's pretty cool. I'm proud of that skill!

I'm also going to Florida next Monday. I'm excited! Yay lots and lots of shopping ahead!

xoxo Essie

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Big hair?

I'm having a movie night in tonight with my mates from school. I kinda like being invited somewhere outside school, but anyway...I don't know what to wear. I know it's not that important as they have all seen me a million times before but I'd like to wear something I feel comfortable in and recognize that I am purely myself in that outfit. So now I am trying to find out some ideas. I have already thought to go there wearing a casual outfit but having the thing in my hair. Now when I think of it, this kind of hair is a bit too much! So I'm giving up the idea about that....And with my long hair I should start now to get it done for the party! I don't have enough energy to do that today. After exam week I am sooooo tired... And one more test to go. I think I'll just receive some help from my hair straighteners and go with that. Now I'm going to brainstorm my outfit!

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