Friday, 26 June 2009

Flag Bag

Here's my new bag! I bought it on Wednesday :) Isn't that cool? 
I saved money for it in April and it never came to the shops! I was like, frustrated.
But now, 2 months later, I finally saw it lying there waiting for me...
I just grabbed it and went to the checkout. It took around 5 minutes :D Fast shopping, ha?
It goes perfectly with my white AND red Ray-Ban Wayfarer's... Awesomeness! I wore it yesterday with a navy blue skirt adn a white top... It was very summery and very nice :) Felt like a lady : :) Anyways, what an amazing bag :)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009



I have thought about getting a new haircut. I actually got this idea earlier today when I was googling some pics in the internet.I've got quite thick hair, and when I say hair, I really mean it, cos there's really A LOT of hair. Even though my hair is very dark at the moment, I'd like to have my hair like this. Both of the pictures are different but the hair is quite much the same, isn't it? I love this look. It looks very cool with the headband!:) My hair is very independent though, so I don't know what will it be like when it's been a while since the fringe has been cut. I think I won't cut anything else but the fringe, cos my hair is very long and I like it that way. At least now. I can always change my mind and get it cut, right? I think it's better that way. Sadly, these pics make me re-think about getting back to blonde. I know I shouldn't cause it will take very long to bleach my hair, just dying it once isn't obviously enough.My hair would turn orange and look like a bunch of hay. Not quite the look I'm after... I could cut it now,as it's summer and then, I would have my new look before I'm going on my holiday, but then again, I could have a haircut just before the hols are over. Then I'd have a new great hairdo when I'll get back to business.Phwoar! The problem is that I don't think I can wait if i decide that I'll have a new fringe. But well... If I like it I can keep it pretty much the same. If I don't, I can always let it grow :)    While I'm thinking about it... See you around x                                                             

Sunday, 21 June 2009

2nd blog

Here's today's second blog. I think I'll upload the pic of my today's outfit so that you'd see how I managed to wear the clothes I planned to wear :) I'm telling this again, any of it was Alexander Wang of course, the outfit just inspired me to dress up like it. So 1 2 3 here we go. You can comment me how did you like it and stuff like that. Sorry the other pics were quite awful so that I can't put them up and show you what did it look like in the front or any other direction. This is the only pic being put up :)


Hello here I am again, writing my own little blog... 
It's been ages.Again. But now I think I can be back in business for a while!
I have just dressed up and today I have been inspired by Alexander Wang. The one in the middle... That's the way I think I'm dressing up today :) Though my black trousers need to be washed, so Iäm not wearing them, but instead I'm wearing just black leggings and a white, a bit loose shirt. Then I'm gonna add a scruffy denim jacket and some black shoes. I'm not sure about the shoes yet, though! I am in a bit of a hurry and trying to get as much text as possible and still trying to keep it sane so that I wouldn't sound very stupid. 

I have been scrap booking alot recently, and that's good news. The bad news is that I still haven't done the House Of Holland jeans! :( But I am trying to work on it! I'd just need to get the sewing machine out and do many other stuff too.I also promised my best friend that I'll shorten her skirt and I still haven't done that either, just because I am so lazy to get going with the sewing machine! Booo. And another bad news, I still haven't got the Religion leather jacket! I so so so so wanted it and thought I'd want it straight away but noooo I still haven't
 managed to buy it. That's kinda sad I would say. But maybe later...

Talking about leather jackets, earlier this year I saw an amazing leather trenchcoat and started to drool over it everytime I saw anyone wearing it on TV or in a magazine... Then I went shopping with my friend one day and saw that Versace had almost the same trenchcoat! I so wanted it, as you can imagine... But of course it cost 899, which is a fortune! I obviously don't have that kind of money. I put on a picture of the coat... I guess Frankie has the jacket I fell in love with, but I don't think it's the Versace one. She wore it in The Saturdays' Issues video. Check it out! 

Monday, 8 June 2009

Kuta Beach dreaming...

Hello everyone! I have been off for a day now. Why haven't I still got any readers?

That's very sad.

Here are some pictures about outfits that Rachel Bilson has worn that I'd like to wear now. I love these cool, very laidback outfits that you could wear anywhere! Especially the one on the right.. Gosh it's nice :) And quite much like the outfits I choose when I look in my wardrobe! I love these casual outfits Rachel Bilson wears and I even think she's on her best on her freetime than on the red carpet! Of course she's wearing pretty dresses over there too but you know it's her casual daywear that really gets to me.

I just love Rachel Bilson.She's not like the typical Hollywood actresses; blonde and tall and tanned with big boobs and long legs.She is not on the headlines at least once a week and she doesn't seem to be found from bars and nightclubs being drunk and having a million boyfriends.

And still in the end, she's got movies to act in, she's very very very beautiful and still looking very normal.And she's got an amazing style! She probably has a boyfriend and she's happy. I think that's a life we all would like to live. Not that I'd like to be a celebrity that gets chased after no matter where she goes, or I'd like to change a single thing from my own life but my point was that she's the kind of celeb that they all could learn something from.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

lust have must-have!

Here's a leather jacket I am lusting after! Owhh gosh how I wish I could have that... I'm waiting for my late-late-late birthday present so this could deffo be it! It wouldn't be hard to buy this from and just wait 'til this dreamy piece of clothing will appear at my door! Ha ha... Dream on. There's just this little problem with buying clothes from internet; you can never know if you've bought the perfect size and what if it doesn't fit and look very nice when you're wearing it? That's a tricky one. It would be quite expensive to buy a jacket that costs £250 and then not to wear it. I would be very annoyed and even more depressed with that situation! Baaaaaad.

Here's the pictures of that jacket that make my brain shout 'buy, buy,buy!', but I am afraid I can't afford it...
Actually I know I can't afford it. But I will try to make it happen , and if this will be my birthday present for this year, I'll be quite happy with it. (Though you can never have too much clothes.) I think I am starting to save some money just in case I will get something else for that latest-of-the-latest birthday present.

Sorry about last night...

Hello again!
Day 3, and still no readers.Is my blog really this boring?
Well, I have time to make it look more interesting.

I tried to write a new blog yesterday, but I couldn't make it work.

Now I'm sitting in the library using this internet... Cool cool.

It's been rainy, and it should be June! Come on. What is summer if you can't wear shorts and pretty tees and flip-slops,gladiators, what ever! Why do we need to wear a jacket in June?

Just asking.

I am wearing yellow jeans and a grey cardigan. Though i need to wear my leather jacket when going out again but you know.
I'm feeling quite bright!

And I should really do something with the Levi's jeans.

Here's my next job; I have been thinking lately that I could customize some old jeans in the style of Henry Holland. You know the Levi's 501 and the holes in them? I think I would like them.Of course I don't have the jeans for that but I'll try to find some. The idea I had was quite different though - I thought I'd just cut the holes and then wear leggings under the jeans. Is that a bad idea?

Thursday, 4 June 2009

frankie did it

i just LOVE this!

1st one...

Hi! Finally made my very own fashion blog. So excited! This is something i have waited for a long,long time and now I really did make it happen. So, this is my first one and it will take some time  'til I'll get used to this... But I hope I'll find out fast :)

I just thought about my relationship with fashion today. I can't live without it. Not in the way that i can't live if my clothes aren't just like the latest trend, but i spent a lot of time with my fashion scrap book, creating my own style and thinking about how to make it more me. I have been customizing my old, almost never-used clothes to make myself feel comfortable in them. Successfully, to be honest. It did work. Just wearing one piece today! 

My one bad habit is shopping, though. I think it might be a problem soon if I don't find a solution :D Otherwise I'll be the next Becky Bloomwood or Lindsay Lohan ( i mean the headline when she had so many clothes they didn't even fit in her apartment)... Goshh. 

Just having a look at my scrap book, you'll find lots of different styles and clothes glued on the pages. I have spent lots and lots of time doing it and actually it's coming to an end. ( I'd need to get a new one,soon!) Everytime i feel creative and don't have anything else to do with it, I take my scrap book and start to work on it again. I may spend ages and i don't even realise.
There are many people whose style I have a crush on. My first ones were Nicole Richie and Kate Moss, but now actually Nicole has stepped one stap further and has been replaced by Rachel Bilson. Kate has stayed. Then have come along Sienna MIller, Alexa Chung, Fearne Cotton, Peaches Geldof, Daisy Lowe, Mischa Barton, Agyness Deyn and Frankie Sandford. I have lots of style icons, although I don't really need them that much. I creative my own style and I am not a copy cat. I just take little pieces from different places and make them all work in my style. I don't have kind of a style 'genre'. I just wear clothes that I like and feel comfortable, and wear them like I want to wear them.

Just put the newest picture i fell for... 
Frankie just wore i something i'd def love to wear too!

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