Sunday, 30 May 2010

Me Likey!

Uploading some pics of celebs that have a lovely style and who inspire me.And of course - in great outfits!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Fashion Is An Art

Looking for some more inspirations.I know what I like and I wear what I want.I am not copying anyone, I am not depending on anyone.I'm a independent woman and got my own style.I'm proud of that and enjoy being me in when it comes to style. Hope I'm giving you the message and inspiring you with my ideas and creations in fashion.

I work a lot with all things that have to do with fashion: I design,do and customise my own clothes, I have a fashion blog and a scrapbook. I love to create a style for each day and enjoy putting on my make-up,doing my hair and planning outfits.

I'd love to have a career in fahion and I'm dreaming of studying fashion designing in university.I don't know if I'll ever make it but I'm doing my best and willing to make it happen.I'm thankful of every word of support and encouragement I get and love it when people comment my style.Positive or negative, doesn't matter - having an unique and personal can cause a big scale of opinions.I don't think I'd be offended if someone told me they hate my style or something I wear. That's just life, and we need to get on with it.

Pictures Mr. Newton

The City in the UK

It's starting tomorrow! Yipee,who's going to watch it?
Sorry, I've been busy with studying and revising. How are you all?
Need to blog when I have time. Annoyed by the fact that Blogger's not working with my phone anymore :(
The memory must be full with fashion pics and notes tho...that might be the reason...
Loving the fact that summer's on its way. Planning to save money for summer...If going abroad, I can then improve/fill my wardrobe with special bargains! If not, I'll still have money for summer shopping. I also might be working at a furnishing boutique in the central.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Next Week gonna be a busy week! Here's 7 style ideas for the upcoming week! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

This week I've been wearing...

Wore a white top with floral leggings
and studded belt and gladiators.
Notice the plait in  my hair!
Also had yellow nail varnish to match
with the leggings.

Top - Lefties
Leggings - H&M
Nail polish - Rimmel

Today I wanted to mix black,
white and this green/khaki.
I added some dotted thights
to make it more special.
And geeky glasses to give
a finishing touch!

Glasses - from Japan
Blazer - H&M
Top - Lefties
Shorts - Eve of Eden/JC
Belt - vintage
Tights - H&M
                                                              Pumps - from Spain


It was a sunny day so
went for high-waisted
denim shorts, white top,
this jacket and wedges.
I think it was great as it
was girly and chic...
Very smart but still sum-
mery! And I know, I
wear too much H&M!

Jacket - Mango
Shorts - vintage
Wedges - H&M

I was in a real hurry in
the morning, so had to
decide what to wear in
about 5 minutes. God
that was stressful! I hate
mornings like that!
Makes me think why I
even let that happen...
So threw on my dear
high-waisted denim
shorts, white Lefties
top, leopard print
accessories and a black

Sunglasses - Primark
                                                Blazer - H&M
                                                Top - Lefties
                                               Belt - from the US, don't 
                                              really know where it's from
                                                Shorts - vintage
                                               Pumps - Primark

Had one of those
5min days again.
Was in a hurry and
went for simple black
and white.Wanted to
mix girly and casual
so wore a short white
dress with a black
blazer. The zebra
shoes unite the outfit.

Blazer - H&M
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Shoes - H&M

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Undercover Lover

Here's the outfit I rocked in yesterday. Love that dress, it's soooo comfy and cool! And it looks like it was vintage or something very old and special, even tho it's very new. It's special though!
So, up close the material of the dress looks like it was distressed blue denim, but actually it's far from it! It's very smooth and light.
How do you like it? Tell me what you think! I felt epic in this, it was so me and when I got the thought of it, I knew straight away "that's what I'm gonna wear!". Gave me lots of confidence.
                                          Dress - Zara  
                                          Tights - H&M 
                                          Blazer - H&M
                                          Shoes - Gabor

My creation #1

Sorry about the crap quality of the photo, but here's the 'great idea' that I got the other day.The denim bow in a white t-shirt is my own design and I really made it that night! Decided to wear it with stripy tights and a black bodycon skirt. Also added a black blazer and canvas shoes :) The shirt is not showing very well...But I'll post a better pic sometime, and with another outfit ;)

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Over And Over Again

I just had to do this 7 days thing again! It's Sunday again so I need to give out some inspiration for next week! By the way, finished my first design, so excited! Keep reading my blog and you'll see the result! Can't wait to show you! Now, next week's inspirations!

Hope these help you! xx Essie

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