Monday, 11 July 2011

Spain,Week 1

First day in Spain, relaxing by the pool reading ELLE!

Healthy breakfast, yum !
Just a quick summary about what I like to do by the pool...

My brand new brogues that cost 3 euros! SUCH a bargain!
And my new trilby,finally  :)
Looks great with my golden bikini!
Silver pumps that I bought from H&M Kids' department. H&M,9.95€
I also bought a nice gray jumper for autumn. Massimo Dutti, 19.95€
I've also been sipping on cocktails...

And been shopping with my sister. Here's the mall!
Found this leopard-printed Mulberry Alexa- lookalike, so I HAD to get it! There was a huge discount so I think I made a right decision. Bag, Blanco, 5.95€

Bikini top, Stradivarius, 2.95€

Went for frozen yogurts after shopping. My new favourite place here!
The outfit: trilby, loose tee, denim cutoffs, leopard bag and brogues.

Rocking my new beachwear! Mixed the orange bikini top with my black bikini bottom. Will make more combos!

Enjoyed a pint by the sea :) Beer is not particularily my thing...

My kind of beach coverups...

Friday, 8 July 2011


My fashion finds from a street market in Spain (will upload photos later in another post): A straw trilby for 6 euros and THE TOTAL BARGAIN - black brogues, last ones left, exactly my size (been looking for good brogues for about 2 years now,huh) 3 EUROS! That's some mad shit happening.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hola from Spain :) Been here for 2 days now and feels like I'd been here for weeks! Haven't been very capable of putting up new posts but now that I'm here I'll try and update my blog at least once every week (and the post will include pics of the week's outfits) to collect all the fashion-centered stuff, and probably something else too. 

I'm very keen to try something new and fresh for summer holiday and been super excited for all the colourful make-up. Loving all the colours, especially yellow and green! I was a bit ahead of this already last year as I bought the yellow nail varnish ages ago. Now I just got excited about wearing it again and decided to paint my nails with it now! Here's some yummy summer make-up :)

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