Monday, 9 December 2013


I used to hate these, and swore I'll never ever wear them again ( I used to when I was about 10 because at that age (and under) it's OK. But I love the red tartan to death and I'd really like a red tartan skirt. Of course some other colour could also do, but the red one's the best. I am just not sureif I want a pleated one, because it's been ruined for me because of all the stupid movies with the sexy schoolgirls... Of course it's all about how you wear it, and I certainly wouldn't wear it with a white shirt and a tie.

Here are some options I found:

This one's from Topshop. I love this one, because it's actually a kilt and not the school girl kinda skirt. A bit more masculine, but still girly enough when you wear it with the right items. Price 59€.

I said I'd also like some other colour, and this one's a pretty good option. It's got leather details of the back. Esprit, 59,95€ (Zalando).

This is a bit more expensive, but it's made of wool mix. The colour is not perfect and the material might be a little too stiff, so it might make short people (like me) look a bit of an auntie. Marc O'Polo, 134,95€ (Zalando).

This is quite the basic "school girl" skirt I just ranted about. I like the tartan and colour of this one, and it's not very pricey either. I imagine I could wear this with a big, chunky knit and thick black tights. Also all kinds of long tops could hide the schoolgirlness of the skirt. This one's going strong, and I think I might order this. At least to try at home. I can always return it if it's looking too cheap. Benetton, 41,95€ (Zalando).

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Hello there. I have been a very unprofessional person and abandoned this blog completely without any warning. I am truly sorry. I've had thousands of ideas about what kind of things to post here and I've also been awakened and realised that I am not much of a good blogger. Trying to make the blog better from now on.

I am starting my internship at a Finnish brand R/H today! Pretty nervous yet excited. I am also happy that Christmas is within 3 weeks and I can now listen to Christmas songs and decorate my home very christmassy without feeling like a crazy person. I have been so busy with all the school and work and normal life, that I haven't had time to work out or write here. Both used to be very important to me. Now I am trying to get both of these dear hobbies back into my life, but please understand that I may still struggle with posting here, because I have even less time than I had before.

If you want to hear from me daily, follow me on Instagram. My account name is essiejulia. I usually post outfit photos everyday ;) Check it out.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


It's almost September already, and I am waiting to curl up on the sofa in cozy knitwear and leaving the wrapped up in a wool scarf that's gonna protect me from the cold, bad world. Autumn's the time of jumpers, jeans, jackets, hats and ankle boots - all my favourite things! I also for some reason love black tights. They make your legs look way better. ( They also make wearing summery dresses way harder, as not that many bright and light summery colours go well with them.)

I am also waiting for school to start - I got into Helsinki Design School and I am going to study at two programmes. I am taking a half-year course on becoming a Fashion Editor and also studying to be a Fashion Designer. :) I am so excited! Hopefully I'll be working on something similiar within a few years. This is the time to make contacts!

Probably many of you are also starting your studies and having a new start. I am willing to give you the fall fashion boost you may need - at least I find any fashion inspiration always useful - and do an inspiration post for once. Enjoy!

I do not own any of the pictures.

Expect a part 2 soon!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013



                                    Bralet, Cubus. / Skirt, Zara. / Bag and sneakers, H&M.

This is from last week.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


                                          Shoes Converse, cardigan Cubus, everything else H&M.

Today's outfit! I have to say, I'll live happily ever after (shoe-wise) now that I've got my low black Converse!<3 a="" but="" decided="" ever="" give="" have="" higher="" i="" it="" my="" nbsp="" ones="" p="" rarely="" s="" sister.="" so="" the="" them="" to="" up="" used="" win-win-situation="" wore="">
The catch in this outfit was the mix of a casual girly dress and boyish accessories that add a bit of a swag in this outfit ;) Everything from H&M, except the shoes and cardi! Haha, you probably wonder how can I live with the fact that most of the clothes I own are from H&M... I work there, so it comes naturally :P But it's not where you buy it, it's how you style it! Doesn't matter if you're always wearing rags from cheap chain stores if you've got an unique fashion sense and you make the outfit look  your own with accessories and unexpected combos. I've seen way too many people wearing expensive, high-fashion clothes and not knowing how to dress. So remember guys, it's not what you've got in your wallet, it's what you've got in your head ;)

Now have a good night sweethearts xx


                       Jacket and bag, H&M. / Shirt and jeans, Gina Tricot. / Shoes, Converse.

Wore this outfit last week :) Tried a new hairstyle, and wore the new shirt for the first time. How do you like it?

Have a nice day xx

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