Friday, 4 April 2014


Hello readers. I have an announcement to make. I am starting anew, but wanted to keep the same name and domain that I have now, so I changed these back to the ones they were. The thing is, that I don't feel comfortable in this mainstream type of "fashion blogging" and want to do it differently. See, I think in fashion/style blogs the clothes and style are the ones that should matter, not artsy photos nor showing yourself off in them. Of course I respect bloggers that take amazing photos for their posts and put in a lot of effort to show off their outfits. I just happen to be between two jobs, studying and trying to apply to schools this year, not to mention the normal life, so I simply don't have the time for all that posing in beautiful locations. And come on, let's be honest, Finland ia not the best place to photograph your outfits outdoors - it's raining, snowing, dark or freezing 300 days of the year. I think I may have found the perfect solution for me, that allows me to make better quality posts every time, without having to think about who am I going to get to shoot the pictures - I can do it all by myself! You will find me in my not-so-new address and the blog's name will be Essiestyle. Excited about the new idea, see you there soon :)

Thursday, 6 February 2014


I love Olivia Palermo's long bob. I've had this hairstyle a few times, both cut in January 2012 and 2013  but this time I want to break that habit! But later on I think I will cut my hair again. Short hair is good in the winter as you're always wearing scarves and the always mess my hair up so that it's tangled for weeks. Of course I should take better care of my hair and untangle it, but I just don't. I think I am going for this look again, just not sure when. And maybe I'll do it with the ginger/copper red colour.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Another Nike babies I'd like to purchase on...This time I think I'm gonna wait for a while and hope they'll be available somewhere later. This shoe is Nike Air Max Thea, and I love the basic running shoe look, and the black and white colour. I think they'd be a cool combo with this backpack:

A bit of an unpredictable combo, but oh so cool! What do you think? I know I am a bit late with the sneakers and running shoes but I used to hate them and these days I'm going through a bit of a sneaker chick phase so they fit my style these days. I did order this backpack, thought that it'd be PERFECT with all of my boho-chic summer looks. The Nikes, 132€ , and backpack, 55€, Ellos.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Heels, 55€, Ellos.
                                                                Heels, 55€, Ellos.

Ordered these beauties from Ellos...I know I really couldn't afford all this shoes shopping, but I am anyway paying their bill every month so a few euros more can't kill me. And, as they say, life's short, buy the shoes!
I am not much of a party goer, but I am trying to wear more heels this summer - even though downtown Helsinki is not the best place to wear them! I used to wear super high heels in high school, and that was doable because all I had to do was to sit around all day, so my legs didn't die during the day. Now that I am working at a clothing shop and have to stand and run around all day, wearing heels is not the comfiest option. The only heels I've managed to wear have been Jeffrey Campbell's Lita's - even after 8 hours of walking your feet are not sore, just a bit tired at worst. Now that I am having my internship at R/H I can probably wear more heels as I also do stuff that don't require as much standing and walking around, more like big
brains and fast thinking! At least on office days!

Can't wait to try these on and not to mention, can't wait to WEAR THEM! Oh, Spring, hurry up!

Essie x

Monday, 3 February 2014


Hello guys! I have a super awesome outfit for you today. I really like the feminine-VS-boyish -combo. I kept the colours simple, but I think that with these pieces you don't need to try hard to keep it interesting!

 Snapback, Fanny Lyckman for Estradeur / T-Shirt, dungarees and shoes, H&M./ Canvas bag, BIKBOK.

Thursday, 30 January 2014



 Had a happy day today! I was supposed to have a shift starting at noon, but it got cancelled so I had to take the day off. I had time to meet up with Henni, have a coffee and a small lunch and chat and take some pictures. She has her own blog, go check it out here.


       Blazer, denim shirt, shoes and bag, H&M./Jeans, Cubus.

Also, I've found love with French Bulldogs! I really want one! I know what I'm gonna save my money for <3 font="">
Frenchie photos from Pinterest.

Friday, 24 January 2014


I DID order these Nike items this week! Can't wait to get them! Gonna be dressed up in Nike, head and toe ;)


Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Sometimes when I'm feeling bad/sad/tired/desperate I feel a need to do some serious web shopping. I don't know why I think it would save me from any kind of trouble (instead of creating new ones and with money). The last two days haven't been the best for me, and I noticed myself wanting to click on the numerous web shopping heavens and doing some comfort shopping. This time I think I may have fought it and won - still haven't bought a thing. Instead, I thought I'd make a wishlist of all things nice without spending any money.

The first one is Classic Short UGG Boots in Camel. I had these exact ones a few years back, they were actually my first UGGs. My sister started borrowing them and it was the death of the boots.

UGG boots, 249,95€, Zalando.

Mohair coat, 149€, ZARA.
I've been wanting a pastel-coloured coat for a while now. I love all things black and grey, so I think that this would cheer up my winter wardrobe. This beauty is from Zara .

Sneakers, 88€,
Another one would be a pair of Nike Air Force 1 Mid 06's. These I will probably buy on my payday - did a lot of research to find a pair my size somewhere, and FINALLY it payed off! These are boy's shoes and I found the right size at . It is very useful sometimes to have small feet ;) Children's shoes are usually way cheaper and they have come in small enough sizes.

Nike cap, 34,90€, Stadium.

I also love this Nike cap. I've suddenly started liking even sportier things than I used to, and another "new" thing I've started to wear is red accessories. This would tick both boxes.Buy it here. I think I will.

Dress, 85€, &Other Stories.

Also a fancy striped dress would be nice.

Bag, 350€, Michael Kors.

I have been lusting after this Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel for like a year now. I know that it's not the trendiest it-bag of the moment but I like it's classic look and I think that buying this would make me wear all my tan shoes way more... I am trying to save money for some kind of a bigger purchase, so that I can splurge with a better conscious. I am not sure yet what might be the splurge-worthy thing. It might be a trip abroad, a new TV, a dishwasher, or a new favourite item. This one could be a good option.

Jersey top, 55€, COS.

Pure beauty.

Watch, 369€, Michael Kors.

Been dreaming about this forever. This is also on the splurge-worthy list.

What's on your wishlist? Mine could go on forever though. Decided to go to bed now, it's late and I've got work tomorrow :)

Good night!

Essie x

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


// Beanie, Monki.  /Scarf, Nelly. / Sweater, Cubus. / Necklace, H&M. / Leggings, Gina Tricot./ Sneakers, Skopunkten. / Coat, Lindex. / Sunglasses, Monki.//

 Hello from freezing cold Finland. It's -17 degrees outside and it's almost unbearable. I hate it.
It also got dark very quickly today, so the photos aren't the best. I am making a photo shoot trip tomorrow so maybe we'll get better ones then. This outfit was supposed to be a mix of luxe and sporty, with the fake fur and sneakers and neon and all that but it doesn't show that well in the pics. Hope you get the idea.

Thursday, 9 January 2014


So I wrote a post about trying to find the perfect school girl skirt. Been meaning to tell you that I did find one after all, and guess where - H&M! I don't have pictures about the skirt alone, but I do have a couple of outfit pictures that you may have also seen me posting on my Instagram page. I will try and photograph it alone some time.

 I wore this outfit on New Year's Eve. I was planning to change to something fancier but I had a little strappy top underneath the sweatshirt so the outfit went along to 2014 with me! So here you can see the perfect colour and length. It was the best one yet and the best one I could get!

 This one was last week. I wore the skirt with a chunky polo knit and Chelsea boots, to make it cozy and warm. I kinda like the contrast of the overly girly skirt and the oversized sweater. I like to break the rules a bit, and I know that this isn't the most flattering combo for your waist - but maybe that's exactly why I like it.

I am really happy with this buy, and can't wait to make new combos with it. I thinking of Dr. Martens, over-knee socks and a rock chic top. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


One of my New Year's goals is to buy less clothes. Notice, this is not a promise, nor a resolution, it's a goal! That way I want to work towards it without disappointing myself with breaking a promise. Last night I still decided I wanted to buy stuff online once more before seriously trying to cut it down. My thought was that I'd be allowed to buy JUST ONE piece of clothing per month. That way I really need to think what I want and need the most.

All of this was from H&M, and the order includes both necessary stuff, like thights and a white T-shirt, but also something I just terribly want.

Just a basic V-neck tee, so that I can manage the whole year without getting a new one.

These babies I love! After all, winter IS really coming to Finland and I think these might be perfect no matter how much snow and ice Jack Frost decides to coat the streets with.

Been hunting for the perfect platform sneakers for a while now. I think these are neutral enough, and the platform is not too obvious. Basic colour, basic looks, and yet so cool.

I have fallen in love with strappy tops. I already have a few, and I think this might be a nice add to my collection. It's sophisticated but still fun, and I love the black and white, graphic style.

Then some bling bling rings! Let's see if these are small enough for my baby fingers.

I love these big hats, and already have a black one and a burgundy one, so a grey one is an obvious next move.

I think this is really cool. It would match perfectly with R/H's Lucky Eye Pendant! Check it out here.

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