Sunday, 31 March 2013


       Sunglasses, BIKBOK / Sweater, Pull & Bear / Skirt, Zara / Bag, H&M / Ankle boots, Skopunkten

Hello friends! Sorry for not posting in a while. Had the job interview, don't know the results yet but I have my fingers crossed :) I went for a cruise to Tallinn, Estonia with my work mates and I shopped pretty hard - almost missed the ship back to Helsinki! I'll show you the rest of the stuff later but you can see one of my purchases here : I bought the panther sweater from Pull & Bear in Tallinn. We don't have Pull&Bear here in Finland and I've always shopped there on my summer holidays in Spain so it brings good memories, so, long story short, I like the shop very much.

Back to the most important thing, the outfit. I seem to be very keen on the sporty/rock chic mix at the moment and I wear this skirt a lot these days, and usually with a sweater. This time was no exception. This one is just a little less sporty. I loved wearing all this. Now, back to hoodies and leggings and the assignments for the fashion schools. Sigh. I think I'm pretty hopeless with the painting and it looks like the assignments were made by a 7-year-old. So I am not counting on going back to school!

Hope you had a fun Easter x

Sunday, 24 March 2013


 Cap, H&M. College sweatshirt, Gina Tricot. Faux-leather skirt, Zara. Bag + shoes, H&M.

My outfit for a Sunday spent working. I don't have that much to write... Feeling a bit shitty and confused at the moment and also a bit stressed out about the assignments that I have to accomplish for the fashion schools I am trying to get into.

Have a better Sunday night than me :)

Essie xx


One of my fave lookbookers + bloggers, Fanny Lyckman has also lauched her own line (available at and there were a couple of pieces that caught my eye - and which I ordered.

I think the cap is cool and fun and the bag is something I've been looking for a while now. Check the line out here.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


                                Whole outfit, H&M.

Bought these stripey pants from H&M's children's department! I just suddenly decided that I want to have stripey pants and they were the only ones available ( I wanted to buy the ladies' ones that have a bit thicker stripes in them but there weren't any), so I tried these on and they looked kinda cool. And now they look even cooler!:) The first outfit idea I came up with was teaming them up with this bright-coloured beanie, college sweater and black platfrom sneakers. I like this outfit so much I'm a bit sad that I'm just sitting home all night tonight and trying to work on my art-school application assignments :(

How do you like it? What do you like about the stripey pants -trend this spring?

Friday, 22 March 2013


Long story short, here's what I wore today: burgundy pants, a stripey shirt and a biker vest with  a big leather bag and my favourite ankle boots.

Biker vest, H&M. Shirt, H&M. Pants, Lindex. Bag,Zara. Ankle boots, Skopunkten.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013


 Beanie, random & old. Burgundy college sweater, random. Jacket, Zara. Jeans, H&M. Ankle boots, Skopunkten.

 Sunday's outfit post as I promised. I was so excited to wear my new jacket, luckily it was a sunny and warm day. The pics are from the hotel room, I thought it was a nice place to take photos. A bit different from the ones I usually take. I think my camera's a bit bad though, I hardly ever get good pictures with it :s

Here's how I spend the rest of the day: spent it with my family eating cake and macarons :)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


1. I wore this on Friday at work. College, Gina Tricot. Jeans, Zara. Ankle boots, Skopunkten. 
2.+3. Nighttime look. Fringe dress, H&M Trend. Tights, H&M. Ankle boots, H&M. Also wore a black clutch.
4. Saturday's casual outfit. College, same as before. Faux-leather pants, H&M. Sneakers, H&M.
5. Sunday, wearing my new Zara jacket. Beanie, random & old. Jacket, Zara. Burgundy college, random. Jeans, H&M. Ankle boots, Skopunkten.

 Another post coming about Sunday's outfit.

Monday, 18 March 2013


So I spent the weekend celebrating my 20th birthday. We went to Hard Rock Café and I had booked a hotel room for me and my boyfriend for the weekend to make it a bit more special :) Was such a nice and relaxing weekend. I went shopping on Saturday and got myself a couple of presents -  THE Zara jacket and a stripey knit from COS. My first buy from COS! I love the store but have never really found anything worth the money as the items are a bit too quirky to spend that much money on... I think you should only splurge on items that you know for sure that you'll wear a lot and on basics such as an LBD or a genuine leather bag/shoes etc. Maybe basic, simple knitwear and blouses and jeans are fine to splurge on too. I just happen to like so many things that I want to buy a lot of different clothes instead of spending on a few classics :D You'll get an outfit post about the weekend too :)

Monday, 11 March 2013


Sunnies, BIKBOK. Necklaces, Ralph Lauren and Seppälä. Shirt, H&M. Shorts, DIY. Sneakers, H&M.

This is the kind of look I patched together today. Pink lipstick, stripey blouse, scruffy denim shorts and statement jewellery with platform sneakers. Got this idea last night and I am pretty surprised about how well it worked. I am very sorry for the pictures though, I don't know why they are such bad quality :s Hope you can get the idea anyway though. Feeling very inspired and I get lots of new outfit ideas all the time, maybe it's the sunlight!

How about you, are you feeling inspired and getting new ideas for great spring looks?

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Today I was inspired by Rihanna's double denim looks. The first one is a bit more ladylike and the second one is scruffy, but damn I love those shorts! Got an inspiration for a DIY. Haven't dressed up yet, no plans for today. But when (and if) I do, I'll try to make some kind of a post out of it now that I have time.

Now guys, I am off to make my ombré a bit blonder!

Have a nice weekend xx

Thursday, 7 March 2013


 Sunglasses, BIKBOK. Scarf, H&M. Coat and T-Shirt, Lindex. Bag and pants, H&M. Shoes, Skopunkten.

It's a lovely sunny day outside! I'm having a day off so I finally had time to take proper photos and do a real blog post. Felt like wearing something bright so I threw on a bright yellow t-shirt with my new black&white print pants. And I love the fact that we can finally wear sunnies!<3 a="" enjoyed="" have="" hope="" lovely="" nbsp="" post.="" this="" thursday="" xx="" you="">

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