Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sleepless night, active day?

I know, a good night's sleep would've probably been good for my healing process, but no, I haven't slept for a second. I've been reading Finnish fashion blogs all night - and got very obsessed. Also thought about changing this blog from Blogger to Indiedays, which is Finland's biggest blogging community. But having an account on Indiedays requires a certain amount of readers, followers, etc. , and unfortunately, those are things I don't really have that much. So just a side note: dear readers and followers, could you please help me and spread the word about my blog? I'd also like to receive some comments about my blog and its quality, get some post requests to know better what you'd like to read about and so on. Thank you in advance :)
         Right now, whatsoever, I'm craving for boiled eggs, white, unhealthy toast, baked beans and coffee. Maybe some fresh fruit too. Pulling off all-nighters makes you hungry ;) Because of my horrible cough, I don't think I can go for a run (even though I really wanted to) but I need my workout fix. So today's activity is going to be a mix of walking, yoga and cycling. Probably.  Thought I'd ride a bike to the nearest H&M and finally spend the gift card I have. Just need to decide what to buy...

A pair of colourful jeans (which colour?)

        Or finally something useful, black jeans? I really need a pair. Desperately. (I'd prefer high waisted though.)
Or a black lace bodycon skirt? Been wanting one for ages.
Or a beige tunic/shirt?

Or this shirt (ranting about this again)? Tried it on the other day but not sure what to think about it...I don't like the shortness of the shirt. I have nothing against shorter shirts, but I think this one would've been nicer with more length.
Or a new nightie, perhaps?

Love this!

And kinda like this too...I don't have a casual red dress, just a fancy one.
 This necklace is great...
These are awesome...

Last time I almost bought this.

These ballerinas would match one of my favourite bags perfectly!

So we'll see what is it that gets a new home chez moi ;)

After breakfast, shopping and being active, I think I've deserved something something yummy, a movie or two and a nap. Then I think I'll see some of my girlfriends or do something with my boyfriend. Quality time with someone anyway!

Good morning and have a nice day!

Weekend Inspiration

Here's some lovely outfits that might just inspire your weekend wardrobe and solve some weekend outfit dilemmas! Enjoy :)

(c) Fanny Lyckman
(c) Fanny Lyckman

Ill :(

Hi guys, I've got a horribly sore throat and coughing feels terrible...Had fever yesterday but it's gone now. But today I have no voice so speaking is pretty hard! And this is weird, I never lose my voice no matter how ill I was! Yesterday my boyfriend came here to take care of me (and brought chocolate and other sweets) and cheered me up :) Thinking about going to H&M tomorrow, got a gift card for my birthday and I have an incredible craving to use it. And if the weather's good, might take a bike ride to the closest shopping mall and shop there!:) Tomorrow night I'm possibly seeing some friends for a girls night in, veggies+dip, a few drinks, chatting and maybe some board games - what's not to like? The plans are still a bit open at the moment, so don't know what tomorrow will bring and where I'm going to find myself in the end of the day.

Anyway, I've found some more lovely dressers and inspiring and stylish outfits and combos that are NO DOUBT chic and cool. Also spent some time clicking through American Apparel's website and found some great things I'd like to buy (post later).

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Awesome Louboutins

These Louboutin heels are SO BEAUTIFUL! I bet they'd look amazing with the simplest outfits. They're real Cinderella-shoes. I'm a proud owner of a pair of Louboutins myself, and I have been very content with the purchase. They fit me perfectly, and I've never had one single blister, not even when I wore them at my Old's Dance ball. I'd love to have these beauties in my shoe collection! Maybe one day...

Great Quote!

Remember this guys! Have a nice week! xx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Have An Inspiring Weekend!

I do not own any of these pictures.
Here's some inspiration for the weekend. These pictures are pretty much about relaxed and cool outfits. I won't be going out this weekend because I need to study some French for my matriculation exams. So my weekend will be spent at home or at my boyfriend's, studying, finishing some school work, working out and just chilling. These outfits are quite good for that kind of a weekend, right?

Friday, 23 March 2012

Jessica Szhor Looks Great In Wellies

I saw her wearing this outfit in a picture in a women's magazine earlier today. I think she looks cool and the wellies are super cute! They're by Charlotte Russe.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

New Jewellery!

Here's what I got from my boyfriend's family for birthday. I wasn't expecting any gifts but how can you not be happy with such a pretty birthday present? I like the Scandinavian look of these pieces (they're actually Scandinavian origin, by a Danish company Pilgrim, so that explains it) and the cute simplicity combined with the pure shade of silver. They fit any occasion, both casual and glam outfits. what's not to love!

Loving this colour combination!

From Allure, April 2012. (Alexander Wang's Facebook Page)

Monday, 19 March 2012

Just Another Wishlist

Snake print clutch, Gina Tricot
Peplum LBD, ZARA
Coat with leather sleeves, ZARA
Golden biker, ZARA
Studded leather jacket, ZARA
Dress, ZARA

Dress, ZARA
Add caption
Denim shorts, Gina Tricot
Metallic shorts, Topshop
Sandals, H&M
Crochet shorts, H&M
Maxi dress, H&M
Snake print shorts, H&M
Fringed vest, H&M

Silver shirt, H&M

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