Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I'd love to get this amazing bag from COS. 69€.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Yesterday's outfit.

I was a bit shocked about how much of a goth I looked like in this outfit... made me feel a bit selfconscious at times! Haha. After all, I made my mind about it and thought it was kinda cool. So what if someone thinks you're a goth? Maybe this one could be called goth-inspired outfit (even tho I wasn't particularily inspired by them, I just happened to buy pieces of clothing that together look like a goth girl's outfit. They didn't look like that on, BTW)!

Necklace, H&M. Dress, Divided Grey/H&M. Leather biker, H&M. Hooded cardigan, Divided Grey/H&M. Tights, H&M. Wedges, H&M.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Hello people... Sorry for the long silence. Have been super busy at work and everywhere, just didn't seem to get my head together for a second and do any blogging. But now, I've had a few days off and taken some time for myself and done only relaxing stuff that I like and am interested in. Been reading some Freud, flickered through Vogue and Styleby, read some fashion blogs ( haven't had time to keep up with those either!) and watched Rachel Zoe Project from my laptop. Feeling a bit more inspired than I've felt for a long long time... All I've wanted to wear lately has been my trackie bottoms and a hoodie... I think that tells you something about the need to relax. I kinda lost my inspiration too, and didn't want to go through all the fashion crises.

I love Rachel Zoe and her style, and I'd love to dress like her, but I just don't feel like it's my kind of thing. I'm so much more of a rock chic, but her red carpet looks do resemble the way I'd love to look at parties.

Pre-Christmas parties might be knocking on the door already,  and guess what, I am prepared. I've got already an idea of what to wear this holiday season. And I've got a few predictions of what are the things that I'll end up wearing.

This is my much-loved vintage sequin dress. It's verty short and quite baggy ( it used to have shoulder pads but I removed them), so I usually tie it up from the waist with a thin thread ( that way the sequins won't suffer as they would if I wore a belt, and the thread won't show under the fabric). This is one of my go-for dresses - it saves the
 day pretty often. 

 This is a completely new one. It's H&M, and I LOVE the "diamond" details! I saw it in an advertisement and I HAD to have it. My colleagues even said it's just my kind of a dress... I think this one's gonna be a party favourite ;) It's good because I can also wear it for dinners and on special days like  Independence Day without being overdressed.
 This beauty is also from H&M. It was one of those Gift Of The Week- items, so it's available for a certain time only. So those who are interested, get yours quick! It's a pretty dress and was very cheap - just 14,95! There are sheer details at the sides and on the shoulders - and at the hem of course, as it's a mullet hem dress. It's got details in it but it's still very versatile, so you can make countless combos with different accessories.

This golden goddess-dress from Cubus is quite old, I bought it about it in the summer, but I've never worn it (embarassing)... Because Christmas is the season of bling and metallics, I thought that this one would be perfect for the season. What do you think?

Which one's your favourite?

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Here's this month's top 13. My most worn pieces this time seem to be the leather pants, biker boots and checked shirts. Must try those three together sometime soon!;) What's your favourite?

Today's outfit later today's can't guarantee a blog post but at least on so stay tuned. Have a lovely November!

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