Monday, 16 April 2012

Fashion Finds At H&M

As a working girl for H&M, I saw a few great pieces they have in their collections right now. So there were a few shirts/blouses that especially caught my eye.

This one's my favourite.  The picture doesn't do that much justice for the shirt but in real life it's very pretty. Loving the romantic vibe and the gray/silver lace it's made of. MUST HAVE

Also loving this crip white sleeveless shirt. It's lace at the top, looks very nice. The picture is quite bad, but this one's also pretty in real life.

There is also this GORGEOUS mint silk shirt which I'd LOVE to get... I just can't find a picture anywhere. It's sleeveless, very delicate and made of thin fabric and it's got golden buttons. Hope I'll get the pic later.

But, just saw this online!!! I'd like that one too...

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