Saturday, 10 October 2009

I love Lily

Hello again, and sorry for the last blog. That was not very good, I know. I never had time to finish it. Today I'm going to write a blog about Lily Allen. She has got that something... I love her style in this month's ELLE!
It looks so amazing! I think I could try that one at home. Here are some pictures from ELLE but they are just kind of the same outfit from different points of view. It doesn't matter! I love that look... As I said before. I'm just wondering what can I wear with the lacy leggings? I mean, they're see-through! I know she was having a photo shoot but I can't go out wearing see-through leggings and showing off my bum! I had this idea of cutting the legs off from some old leggings/tights , and having them as kind of shorts underneath the lacy ones.. And the tee could also be a bit longer. So that my bum wouldn't show! Good idea?

I have always known that Lily Allen has got something in her but now in the past few years as she has grown older, I have started to love her style. I mean, I liked the fun girl wearing sun dresses with big trainers and earrings but I like this Chanel-Lily a lot more. Here are some outfits I like :)

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