Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I lovelovelove LOVE this!
I adore this outfit Frankie from The Saturdays wore at Una's birthday (also from The Saturdays).
I'm especially lusting over her leather jacket- my my my I love those shoulders! I'm so falling for it I'm wondering where it's from...
I like the outfit, it's kinda simple but it's got a twist.
From all the girls from The Sats, Frankie has a style very similiar to me, which explains why I am very often drooling after her clothes!
This supercool jacket worn with a white tank top, blue tight skirt and black heels and a tiny clutch really does the thing! Notice black bra under a white top! This was such a good idea how to dress up for a night out so I hope this gave you some ideas for the future ;)

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