Saturday, 11 June 2011

Crazy For You...Cutoffs And Blazers

I seem to have a massive thing for denim cut-offs and crispy/casual blazers! During the summer holiday I've had way too many outfit dilemmas and I've noticed I've always gone for these denim shorts and a blazer. Whether it's black of white or the outfit smart or casual. I just go for different kinds of tops and change the look completely with shoes and accessories.

A few examples about this ( I don't have any photos, I'm sorry :( ) - I have this flowy silver top that I bought from H&M ages ago. One day when I had nothing to wear, I decided to wear it with the shorts and biker boots and grabbed my clutch and Ray-Ban Wayfarers and I was ready to go. The blazer was with me again but I didn't really need it because it was so hot outside! :) Another one (that I remember) was this week when I was going to the beach with friends and threw on a casual outfit: denim cutoffs, printed t-shirt and Chuck Taylor Converse. In the evening I wore this with my crispy white blazer and it looked very cute!:)  And yesterday I wore a Paul&Joe Sister top with the denim shorts, black ballet pumps and a black blazer. It was casual cute, too bad I didn't take a pic!

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