Saturday, 31 March 2012

Ill :(

Hi guys, I've got a horribly sore throat and coughing feels terrible...Had fever yesterday but it's gone now. But today I have no voice so speaking is pretty hard! And this is weird, I never lose my voice no matter how ill I was! Yesterday my boyfriend came here to take care of me (and brought chocolate and other sweets) and cheered me up :) Thinking about going to H&M tomorrow, got a gift card for my birthday and I have an incredible craving to use it. And if the weather's good, might take a bike ride to the closest shopping mall and shop there!:) Tomorrow night I'm possibly seeing some friends for a girls night in, veggies+dip, a few drinks, chatting and maybe some board games - what's not to like? The plans are still a bit open at the moment, so don't know what tomorrow will bring and where I'm going to find myself in the end of the day.

Anyway, I've found some more lovely dressers and inspiring and stylish outfits and combos that are NO DOUBT chic and cool. Also spent some time clicking through American Apparel's website and found some great things I'd like to buy (post later).

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