Tuesday, 20 August 2013


                                          Shoes Converse, cardigan Cubus, everything else H&M.

Today's outfit! I have to say, I'll live happily ever after (shoe-wise) now that I've got my low black Converse!<3 a="" but="" decided="" ever="" give="" have="" higher="" i="" it="" my="" nbsp="" ones="" p="" rarely="" s="" sister.="" so="" the="" them="" to="" up="" used="" win-win-situation="" wore="">
The catch in this outfit was the mix of a casual girly dress and boyish accessories that add a bit of a swag in this outfit ;) Everything from H&M, except the shoes and cardi! Haha, you probably wonder how can I live with the fact that most of the clothes I own are from H&M... I work there, so it comes naturally :P But it's not where you buy it, it's how you style it! Doesn't matter if you're always wearing rags from cheap chain stores if you've got an unique fashion sense and you make the outfit look  your own with accessories and unexpected combos. I've seen way too many people wearing expensive, high-fashion clothes and not knowing how to dress. So remember guys, it's not what you've got in your wallet, it's what you've got in your head ;)

Now have a good night sweethearts xx

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