Saturday, 9 January 2010

What Essie fell for today...

I love the floral leggings! To be honest, I have wanted some for quite a long time now as I once saw a picture of someone wearing them. The ones I saw were a bit more colourful though but still I love them as a bargain. Just googled it and now I have found the pic. So there it is. I was supposed to buy Doc Marten's this Christmas but then I shopped a bit too much and now, I have no money for them. I would have bought the basic black ones, of course. But well yeah, that's a cool way to wear the leggings- black shoes,white tee and leather jacket. So delicious I'm dying for it! I have been desperately lurking in every closet in this apartment; still no legging's left from the past decades. So I think it's now time for me to go down the shops and look for 'em - but at first I am planning to search from online if any of the shops have them with a reasonable price. If not, then I'm off to hunt them from every store! I have made my mind now!

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