Saturday, 11 September 2010

Une Soirée Avec Les Copines

Hi! Sorry for not having that many outfit posts recently,I'm VERY busy with school and it's really stressing me out! But if you're interested in seeing what I've been wearing, go ahed and check out my lookbook at :) 
So tonight I'm meeting up with some of my girlfriends and we're gonna have a girly night in making some sushi, drinking champagne and enjoying some fancy chocolate and macarons. Sounds like yum to me! Soon I'll be off to buy al the needed ingredients for the night but I thought I'd share my thoughts with you before I leave - because I have no idea what to wear! And as it's gonna be the 'perfect' night in I'd like to look good too! Soooo once again, I'm here on my laptop, searching for some inspiration. I've got a folder full of inspiring outfits - just need to find the best ones for this occasion!


I do not own these pictures. But as I posted a few pics of The Cherry Blossom Girl, go check her blog! It's beautiful!

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