Wednesday, 17 October 2012


My yummy breakfast porridge!/ Went for an ice-cream with a friend. yummy! I had lime frozen yoghurt :)/ Today's oufit, I loved it :)/  A salad I made myself for dinner back at my boyfriend's house.

Sorry for the lack of posts :( Haven't really got myself into blogging lately, I've either had so much to do or haven't had a chance to write because I haven't had a proper computer.But now I've got my boyf's laptop and I'm (almost) good to go! It's not the same as my own dear laptop but it's something. It's not that I wouldn't have wanted to write, I do LOVE blogging and sharing my thoughts and ideas and outfits, but the situation has been what it has been. I try to make a change, I promise. Missed this xx

More outfits and posts tomorrow, I'll be working all day but I've got time in the evening. So stay tuned x

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