Monday, 17 June 2013


Sorry for not keeping my promise... So, I left to the countryside with my friends from high school. One of my friends has a cottage there so we went to spend the weekend there. We had a lot of fun, went fishing (without getting any fish, but my boyfriend got one by accident before the fishing trip), played board games and drinking games, watched silly TV shows, ate ate ate, went to sauna and swam in the freezing lake! I spent the weekend in my trackie bottoms so you can probably guess that I have no outfits to show you. This is the only one and it's all I've got. 
Today I am back to work, so you'll be seeing more outfits from now on because going to work requires dressing up, obviously :D 

So what do you think of this outfit?

Denim jacket, H&M. / Striped shirt, H&M. / Maxi skirt, H&M. / Bag, H&M. / Shoes, Converse./ 

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