Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Hello there. I have been a very unprofessional person and abandoned this blog completely without any warning. I am truly sorry. I've had thousands of ideas about what kind of things to post here and I've also been awakened and realised that I am not much of a good blogger. Trying to make the blog better from now on.

I am starting my internship at a Finnish brand R/H today! Pretty nervous yet excited. I am also happy that Christmas is within 3 weeks and I can now listen to Christmas songs and decorate my home very christmassy without feeling like a crazy person. I have been so busy with all the school and work and normal life, that I haven't had time to work out or write here. Both used to be very important to me. Now I am trying to get both of these dear hobbies back into my life, but please understand that I may still struggle with posting here, because I have even less time than I had before.

If you want to hear from me daily, follow me on Instagram. My account name is essiejulia. I usually post outfit photos everyday ;) Check it out.

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