Monday, 9 December 2013


I used to hate these, and swore I'll never ever wear them again ( I used to when I was about 10 because at that age (and under) it's OK. But I love the red tartan to death and I'd really like a red tartan skirt. Of course some other colour could also do, but the red one's the best. I am just not sureif I want a pleated one, because it's been ruined for me because of all the stupid movies with the sexy schoolgirls... Of course it's all about how you wear it, and I certainly wouldn't wear it with a white shirt and a tie.

Here are some options I found:

This one's from Topshop. I love this one, because it's actually a kilt and not the school girl kinda skirt. A bit more masculine, but still girly enough when you wear it with the right items. Price 59€.

I said I'd also like some other colour, and this one's a pretty good option. It's got leather details of the back. Esprit, 59,95€ (Zalando).

This is a bit more expensive, but it's made of wool mix. The colour is not perfect and the material might be a little too stiff, so it might make short people (like me) look a bit of an auntie. Marc O'Polo, 134,95€ (Zalando).

This is quite the basic "school girl" skirt I just ranted about. I like the tartan and colour of this one, and it's not very pricey either. I imagine I could wear this with a big, chunky knit and thick black tights. Also all kinds of long tops could hide the schoolgirlness of the skirt. This one's going strong, and I think I might order this. At least to try at home. I can always return it if it's looking too cheap. Benetton, 41,95€ (Zalando).

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