Wednesday, 8 January 2014


One of my New Year's goals is to buy less clothes. Notice, this is not a promise, nor a resolution, it's a goal! That way I want to work towards it without disappointing myself with breaking a promise. Last night I still decided I wanted to buy stuff online once more before seriously trying to cut it down. My thought was that I'd be allowed to buy JUST ONE piece of clothing per month. That way I really need to think what I want and need the most.

All of this was from H&M, and the order includes both necessary stuff, like thights and a white T-shirt, but also something I just terribly want.

Just a basic V-neck tee, so that I can manage the whole year without getting a new one.

These babies I love! After all, winter IS really coming to Finland and I think these might be perfect no matter how much snow and ice Jack Frost decides to coat the streets with.

Been hunting for the perfect platform sneakers for a while now. I think these are neutral enough, and the platform is not too obvious. Basic colour, basic looks, and yet so cool.

I have fallen in love with strappy tops. I already have a few, and I think this might be a nice add to my collection. It's sophisticated but still fun, and I love the black and white, graphic style.

Then some bling bling rings! Let's see if these are small enough for my baby fingers.

I love these big hats, and already have a black one and a burgundy one, so a grey one is an obvious next move.

I think this is really cool. It would match perfectly with R/H's Lucky Eye Pendant! Check it out here.

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