Thursday, 9 January 2014


So I wrote a post about trying to find the perfect school girl skirt. Been meaning to tell you that I did find one after all, and guess where - H&M! I don't have pictures about the skirt alone, but I do have a couple of outfit pictures that you may have also seen me posting on my Instagram page. I will try and photograph it alone some time.

 I wore this outfit on New Year's Eve. I was planning to change to something fancier but I had a little strappy top underneath the sweatshirt so the outfit went along to 2014 with me! So here you can see the perfect colour and length. It was the best one yet and the best one I could get!

 This one was last week. I wore the skirt with a chunky polo knit and Chelsea boots, to make it cozy and warm. I kinda like the contrast of the overly girly skirt and the oversized sweater. I like to break the rules a bit, and I know that this isn't the most flattering combo for your waist - but maybe that's exactly why I like it.

I am really happy with this buy, and can't wait to make new combos with it. I thinking of Dr. Martens, over-knee socks and a rock chic top. Stay tuned!

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