Tuesday, 29 June 2010


As I am heading to the beach tomorrow, thought I'd do a post to inspire my readers with my ideas of fashion that's perfect for summery trips to the beach. When you go to the beach you of course wear your favourite bikini - but what else?
A maxi dress is always a good option. You can play with different kinds of prints and create the look you want or you can just stick to solids and keep it simple.  And it's easy to throw on! Try this one from Topshop.

Whitney Port rocks the prints with her cute dress. I've posted a blog about this outfit already. But even though this is a great outfit for a sunny day in town, it works for going to the beach too.

This is a good one too: a big hat to protect from the sun (and look cool too), a denim playsuit, and black accessories. Too cool for school! This is more like a city outfit but I think it's OK for a day at the beach.

Gotta love the Olsens - they always look so cool with their laid back styles and perfect surfer girl locks! For a day at the beach, take a hint from the Olsen twins and DIY!

Also this Whitney's Coachella outfit is good for beach - just bikini on and throw on high-waisted black shorts!

Also Nicole Richie has perfect beach styles, mostly with pretty dresses. I love looking through them. Don't know what I'll wear  tomorrow...Maybe I'll decide overnight. x

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