Friday, 25 June 2010

Let's Get Biblical

Good evening. Or night. Or morning. However you like it. Working on my scrapbook at the moment. I love scrapbooking, it chills me out and is so relaxing. You can create your own world between the covers - you can have any piece of clothing you want, designer or not, you can wear anything in the world and mix and match just the way you like. My scrapbook is like my style bible. It works as an escape, shopping list and last but not least: it has the roots of my ecletic style. Flickering through the pages you can see how I put it all together. There are pics of my favourite fashion icons, different styles, lots and lots of clothes,shoes and bags, makeup tips and hairdo ideas. Briefly, I see a picture that I like in a mag, cut it off and put it in my scrapbook. It has become very important to me and I would say it's an important hobby of mine. Just wanted to share this with you guys x Even though I've smudged my nails, my head hurts and I have a row with my bestest friend, I still have my scrapbook. It's my own little escape and makes me feel better.

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