Tuesday, 23 June 2009



I have thought about getting a new haircut. I actually got this idea earlier today when I was googling some pics in the internet.I've got quite thick hair, and when I say hair, I really mean it, cos there's really A LOT of hair. Even though my hair is very dark at the moment, I'd like to have my hair like this. Both of the pictures are different but the hair is quite much the same, isn't it? I love this look. It looks very cool with the headband!:) My hair is very independent though, so I don't know what will it be like when it's been a while since the fringe has been cut. I think I won't cut anything else but the fringe, cos my hair is very long and I like it that way. At least now. I can always change my mind and get it cut, right? I think it's better that way. Sadly, these pics make me re-think about getting back to blonde. I know I shouldn't cause it will take very long to bleach my hair, just dying it once isn't obviously enough.My hair would turn orange and look like a bunch of hay. Not quite the look I'm after... I could cut it now,as it's summer and then, I would have my new look before I'm going on my holiday, but then again, I could have a haircut just before the hols are over. Then I'd have a new great hairdo when I'll get back to business.Phwoar! The problem is that I don't think I can wait if i decide that I'll have a new fringe. But well... If I like it I can keep it pretty much the same. If I don't, I can always let it grow :)    While I'm thinking about it... See you around x                                                             

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