Saturday, 6 June 2009

lust have must-have!

Here's a leather jacket I am lusting after! Owhh gosh how I wish I could have that... I'm waiting for my late-late-late birthday present so this could deffo be it! It wouldn't be hard to buy this from and just wait 'til this dreamy piece of clothing will appear at my door! Ha ha... Dream on. There's just this little problem with buying clothes from internet; you can never know if you've bought the perfect size and what if it doesn't fit and look very nice when you're wearing it? That's a tricky one. It would be quite expensive to buy a jacket that costs £250 and then not to wear it. I would be very annoyed and even more depressed with that situation! Baaaaaad.

Here's the pictures of that jacket that make my brain shout 'buy, buy,buy!', but I am afraid I can't afford it...
Actually I know I can't afford it. But I will try to make it happen , and if this will be my birthday present for this year, I'll be quite happy with it. (Though you can never have too much clothes.) I think I am starting to save some money just in case I will get something else for that latest-of-the-latest birthday present.

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