Monday, 8 June 2009

Kuta Beach dreaming...

Hello everyone! I have been off for a day now. Why haven't I still got any readers?

That's very sad.

Here are some pictures about outfits that Rachel Bilson has worn that I'd like to wear now. I love these cool, very laidback outfits that you could wear anywhere! Especially the one on the right.. Gosh it's nice :) And quite much like the outfits I choose when I look in my wardrobe! I love these casual outfits Rachel Bilson wears and I even think she's on her best on her freetime than on the red carpet! Of course she's wearing pretty dresses over there too but you know it's her casual daywear that really gets to me.

I just love Rachel Bilson.She's not like the typical Hollywood actresses; blonde and tall and tanned with big boobs and long legs.She is not on the headlines at least once a week and she doesn't seem to be found from bars and nightclubs being drunk and having a million boyfriends.

And still in the end, she's got movies to act in, she's very very very beautiful and still looking very normal.And she's got an amazing style! She probably has a boyfriend and she's happy. I think that's a life we all would like to live. Not that I'd like to be a celebrity that gets chased after no matter where she goes, or I'd like to change a single thing from my own life but my point was that she's the kind of celeb that they all could learn something from.

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