Thursday, 13 May 2010

Undercover Lover

Here's the outfit I rocked in yesterday. Love that dress, it's soooo comfy and cool! And it looks like it was vintage or something very old and special, even tho it's very new. It's special though!
So, up close the material of the dress looks like it was distressed blue denim, but actually it's far from it! It's very smooth and light.
How do you like it? Tell me what you think! I felt epic in this, it was so me and when I got the thought of it, I knew straight away "that's what I'm gonna wear!". Gave me lots of confidence.
                                          Dress - Zara  
                                          Tights - H&M 
                                          Blazer - H&M
                                          Shoes - Gabor

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