Saturday, 8 May 2010

Simple And Special

Hi, was supposed to be filming a mini movie for my English project. Somehow it's now cancelled and I am having a quiet Saturday at home. Thought I'd update my blog now that I really do have time! But hey, you can never know what's gonna happen! So might turn out that I'll have an amazing day with millions of activities! It's not very nice weather outside so thinking of all the nice and summery days to come... Get inspired!

Love that chilled out boho look...The outfit's very arty and pretty simple in it's own way. Love that 'just threw something on' look! And this outfit is very easy to build: just   throw on a white tee,ripped jeans and summery sandals and accessorize with a scarf and geeky glasses! Fun!
Ah, Whitney Port. I just love her! She's so beautiful and has an amazing wardrobe! She's working in the fashion industry as a fashion designer and has her own clothing line Whitney Eve (my dream come true!). Love this look she rocked at Coachella - black high-waisted shorts and a bikini top and the thing I love the most - THE CHANEL BAG! I'm drooling after it... Also love plaits. Wearing that outfit, she must have got very tanned out there...It was pretty hot at Coachella I've heard. Well, I wouldn't mind showing off my body with a body like Whitney's! This is also very easy: black shorts, black crop top/ bikini (depends on where you're going), and a cool tiny bag to put your stuff in. Super cool in the city!;)
This one's also amazing and very chic! It's a mix of feminine and masculine but in a way that's not too showy. The colors are very very basic and the workman boots toughen up this outfit and make it edgy. The bag is also a bit rock and roll, so it mixes well with the sophisticated combo of a white top and a black pencil skirt. I really really really want those workman boots, they're on my must-have list! Ah!
This is also a pretty basic but still stylish outfit. The colours are very elegant,just grey and black. But it's still not dark because the lovely trench coat is very light in colour. Keeping it simple...
Lindsay Lohan is actually wearing just denim shorts, a black top and a white cardi. Still, it's her accessories that add much more details. The studded handbag (which I think is amazing) and her fringed sandals. This outfit has plain ingredients, but doesn't look dull. That's the feature I've loved in all these outfits. Simple, but not looking dull! I hate looking dull, it feels like I've failed...Don't know why. I like to have my own style and and get noticed for it.

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