Monday, 18 June 2012


So here's today's outfit :) I'm wearing my H&M maxi dress and an H&M crop top to make it look more like a maxi skirt. Added some details, such as a statement necklace from Seppälä and a vintage trilby. My shoes are basic black H&M plimsoles. I'm going to work after this, have work from four to eight, and I am responsible for the sales area today...The outfit is very comfortable and summery but I'm not gonna freeze if the weather turns colder by the time I get home. So that's good.
  I have another idea for the blog that I am at the moment considering. I was talking about my expectations for the success of my blog and my hopes about making a breakthrough with it, and my boyfriend who happens to know a lot about these things mentioned that a lot of people make it through Youtube and video blogging. I am now really wondering if I should give it a try. I just feel a bit awkward recording myself and talking to a camera, especially if it's gonna go to the Internet! I know having a proper Youtube account and "vlogging" might have quite an impact, but I am also worried about embarassing myself completely. What do you think? Should I give it a try? I'd appreciate YOUR OPINION. Thanks xx

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