Monday, 18 June 2012

Saturday Night Out

On Saturday I went out with my friends and boyfriend. We went to a nice Itailian restaurant called Vapiano, where the food is yummy and you get it quick. We decided to stay there for a few drinks too. Around midnight, the fire alarm went on (but the restaurant wasn't on fire, luckily) and we had to leave. After that, I might have possibly witnessed a group of thieves stealing a sofa, a washing machine and huge amounts of beer from the building straight next to the restaurant. How clever, just in time, robbing a house might get easier after a fire alarm when all the people are distracted from them... The police happened to be nearby so I told an officer to keep an eye on them.  Such an action-packed night I'd say!
            I wore this pretty and summery maxi dress from H&M  with my new loves, my very own Jeffrey Campbell shoes (the basic black ones with the wooden heel) and a fringed clutch from Gina Tricot. You might have seen it in my Lookbook posts :) I am very sorry for not having any pics of this look but I was very busy on Saturday and had no camera with me :( Sorry! Hope you get the picture :)

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