Tuesday, 7 August 2012

NEW BUYS...again

Bought all this today!

The first four photos are of a cool hair accessory. You make a ponytail (or a braid etc.) and put the gold thing around the band.I think it looks pretty great! Makes the dull ponytail a bit fancier/edgier of however you see it. I was pretty sure my hair wouldn't fit inside the golden part because my hair is so thick and big but it did, after a bit of pushing and tucking it in. I am pleasantly surprised! Think I'm going to buy the silver one too. So this is what it looks like:

This is my new sweater :) It's quite short and it's got some kind of a shiny wax coating. The photo makes it look like t was coral pink, but actually, it's orange. Yay, loving it!

 And the leopard printed mullet skirt... I HAD to get this

 I had my eye on these jeans for a while and now I finally tried them on - and ended up buying them. They're very strechy, almost like jeggings, not really sure if they are though.

 Here are some new rings. It's a pack of three, and 2 of them are silver and one is golden. Quite funny, I just read a blogger giving a tip to buy piping connectors from a hardware store and wear them as rings, and these happen too look a bit like those! Maybe I should give her a tip.

These are pics of my new chunky cuff. In the first picture you can also see my new watch...My family brought it for me from Spain. I love it, even though it's no Michael Kors ;)

I AM wearing my new pants ;) Outifit photos later, stay tuned!

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