Friday, 10 August 2012


Well, hello! After a well-rested night I finally have some energy to give you another post.

So I'm celebrating my friend's 20th birthday tonight :) Bought a new dress recently, and thought I'd wear it for this occasion.
Do any of you remember this picture of Rochelle Wiseman? I may have used it in one of my fashion inspiration posts. My new dress is quite similiar! Inspired by this, I thought I'd simply wear it and some heels and a leather jacket.

Here's the dress:
 Dress, H&M.

And some of my shoe options:

                                                   1. ZARA, 2. Jeffrey Campbell, 3. Louboutin.

I am not sure if I'm a bit overdressed in this outfit, but I'd REALLY like to dress up for the first time in a million years! ;) There's a bit of a dilemma though, because I got some AMAZING neon pink peep-toe pumps from Spain earlier this summer and I have never worn them yet (because I've been mostly working, and heels are not a good option for such a job) and I'd really like to. Hmmmm... When I figure something out, I'll tell you and I WILL do an outfit post, latest tomorrow! And if you want to have a sneak peek, check my lookbook tonight!

Have a nice Friday,

Essie xx

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