Thursday, 23 August 2012


So, after waiting for a MONTH I finally got my order from Or, actually, half of it. I had ordered 3 pairs of beautiful shoes and got NONE of them. And a leopard cross tee is also missing, and the document says it's going to be delivered later. Nice. I also had  ordered a pair of simple flat ankle boots for fall, but because I got an email saying they were out of stock, I bought identical ones from Skopunkten. Now they are apparently also going to be delivered later. GRRRRR! So annoying. 

So, unfortunately, no matter how much I love the clothing and accessories has to offer, I can't recommend buying stuff there. Of course it's worth a try, but if you're planning to get your order in time for some certain occasion, you might as well forget it. 

Anyway, now that the items are here, I might aswell introduce them. So here we go!

 Has anyone had experiences of the same kind?

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