Sunday, 5 August 2012


I've been on the hunt for the perfect matte coral lipstick. Can't find one anywhere! I've found some "plan B" options, but not a single one that'd meet all of the qualities I'm looking for. The perfect coral lipstick should be REALLY MATTE. Like, REALLY. The cool catwalk-kind of matte. And I also have some kind of a budget because I wouldn't like to spend nearly 100 euros for a lipstick, it just feels wrong. So I set the line at 30. I have a very bright pink lipstick, and a bit of orangey red, so I don't want the colour to be too pink. Actually, I'm not reallysure if  "coral" is the right word to describe the shade I want - orange would be more correct. I might be a bit needy with this coral/orange lipstick thing, but I won't stop until I find the perfect one. Maybe something like this...


Have you been lucky enough to find the perfect, matte tangerine shade? If you have, I'd be more than happy if you shared your find (even if it's over my budget)!

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