Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Hi, thought I'd introduce you some of my favourite blogs. They're so great I'd like to share! There are various reasons why I love to follow these, but after you've checked them out you'll probably see for yourself.

  1. BillieRose
  2. Angelica Blick
  3. Si Moda
  4. Annaliina
  5.  ocJulia
  1.  I love her outfits and photos, she lives in Amsterdam, and that's partly why pretty pictures are guaranteed. I cheer up every time I read her blog! 
  2. One of the best Swedish bloggers out there. She's got an amazing style and she looks cute. And she's got quite professional pics!
  3. A gorgeus Finnish woman who has a lovely, personal and inspiring style. She got married recently - and I LOVE her wedding photos! (The blog is in Finnish tho. But if you enjoy the pictures, worth checking it out!)
  4. A fashionista from Finland. I found her blog recently and I find her looks quite cool. She writes in Finnish but the photos are quite inspiring!
  5. A funny, pretty Finnish chick who writes about her everyday life and has a lot of posts about beauty tips, outfits she has put together and the yummy food she cooks. 8/10 times she makes me chuckle. Unfortunately, only finnish-speaking people can join the fun, but she's got great pics, so take a look.

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