Monday, 10 September 2012

How to wear... a camo jacket

I love my camo jacket, and I'd wear it every day if I came up with more ideas of how to wear it, not just the basic black and white + the camo jacket -combo. So, here are some ideas for those who are struggling with big love for a jacket that they can't wear with anything.

Actually, the camo jacket's quite versatile and easy to match with many kinds of things.

...with black jeans, grey top and cool boots

...with a print tee and boyfriend jeans

...with a simple white dress and lace-up boots

...with a band tee, interesting denim and feminine heels

...with a knit, checked shirt, jeans and detailed accessories

...with denim shorts and a black top

...or with a feminine short skirt, a grey top and a clutch bag. (Quite like the outfit I wore a while ago! Check the post here .)

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