Sunday, 30 September 2012


Here are some photos I took with my phone this week. Just to let you know how my week went :)

A yummy evening snack just in time, when I arrived home after a long day <3 :=":" a="a" about="about" and="and" caramel="caramel" chili="chili" choc="choc" comments="comments" cream="cream" day="day" for="for" got="got" hot="hot" little="little" lot="lot" loved="loved" make-up="make-up" my="my" nice="nice" of="of" one="one" other="other" pastry="pastry" surprise="surprise" the="the" this="this" very="very" whipped="whipped" with="with">/ What I'm reading at the moment/ Also reading a book about analysing your dreams by Sigmund Freud ( see, fashion lovers can have brains too ;) ), very interesting subject! / New watch/ New shoes/ Sneak peeks of some outfits you're all going to see in the future!

Night xx

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