Monday, 18 March 2013


So I spent the weekend celebrating my 20th birthday. We went to Hard Rock Café and I had booked a hotel room for me and my boyfriend for the weekend to make it a bit more special :) Was such a nice and relaxing weekend. I went shopping on Saturday and got myself a couple of presents -  THE Zara jacket and a stripey knit from COS. My first buy from COS! I love the store but have never really found anything worth the money as the items are a bit too quirky to spend that much money on... I think you should only splurge on items that you know for sure that you'll wear a lot and on basics such as an LBD or a genuine leather bag/shoes etc. Maybe basic, simple knitwear and blouses and jeans are fine to splurge on too. I just happen to like so many things that I want to buy a lot of different clothes instead of spending on a few classics :D You'll get an outfit post about the weekend too :)

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